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Peace Bulldogs Puppy Questionaire

Full name:

Email address:

Best contact number:

Home address:




Over the age of 18 _yes _no

Have you ever owned a French bulldog before?

Do you currently have any animals? Please list including age and if animal/s have been fixed.

How many people over the age of 18 years in the home?

How many under the age of 18? Please list ages

What type of housing do you live in? Own_ Rent_

Do you have a fenced yard?

IF NO what is your plan for exercising and be pottying?

Would someone be home during the day with puppy? IF NO what are the hours puppy will be alone and where will be puppy be when left at home alone eg. kennel / puppy pen etc?

Where will puppy sleep at night times?

Do you have a preference between male vs female?

Do you have a preference for colour?

What makes you want to add a French bulldog to your home?

What research have you done on the French Bulldog? Are you aware of possible anomalies bulldogs can have?

Are you interested in showing/breeding?

Have you ever surrendered a dog to the pound? If so why?

If a time came where you could no longer care for your bulldog, what would you do?

Thank you for taking the time to fill this questionaire out.