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About Us

Peace Bulldogs/ Small Impressions is a family run business in Sexsmith, Alberta. We are a home of animal lovers with French Bulldogs being my heart and passion. My Frenchies are my WORLD and OWN a huge part of my heart!!

I take HUGE pride in what I do and enjoy it very much. I am NOT a puppy mill, I DON'T mistreat my animals, or buy cheap toys or food. I DONT run out and collect the cheapest dogs to breed quickly. I breed QUALITY puppies from QUALITY parents. The quality shows through in my dogs and puppies are not cheap....if you want a cheap frenchie KEEP LOOKING!!! If you looking for a healthy, well socialized, quality puppy from a breeder that backs her babies then you came to the right place!!!! You get what you pay for so please do your research.

My dogs are LOVED MEMBERS of our family and deserve to be they are!!! My dogs are my world and everyone that knows me knows how important my FRENCHIE world is to me.

I have a HUGE focus on health and dogs are fed a RAW beef diet, beef bones, dehydrated treats etc. I do use high quality commerical as well (Acana). I have done LOTS of research into the health and diet of FRENCHIES and try hard to provide the BEST for them.. Lots of money and time goes into achieving this!!!

My days are spent as a stay at home mom but with kids all in school and some growing up and having babies of their own my time gets DEVOTED to my FRENCHIES!!

In 2005 i started breeding MORKIES....I loved and enjoyed working with the little 2015 my LOVE for the FRENCH BULLDOG became my passion. FRENCHIES have taken over my WORLD!!! I wouldnt change it for a thing. I take HUGE ride in ALL i do.